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The Suffolk Chocolatiers

Who we are

Chocolate lovers David and Jackie Wright were always disappointed that the rise of excellent espresso coffee on the high streets of Britain was not matched by a similar wave of top-quality hot chocolate. There is only so much you can do with cocoa powder.

And so they set about making change happen, opening Marimba in 2008 as a specialist chocolate cafe in the pleasant market town of Sudbury in Suffolk. Their son Brad was on board from the start, and now manages the wholesale business as well as being the lead barista trainer.

The family, with the help of eldest daughter Katherine, honed its skills in traditional chocolate making and expanded into its own chocolate shop next door. Developing the perfect Hot Chocolate Melts took several years of experimentation and testing (thank you, people of Sudbury!), and led to the launch of the signature range we sell to this day.

Now the Melts are made in our bespoke 'flakery' premises in Bury St Edmunds, by a team including youngest daughter Josiane - so every aspect of our business is built on family values.

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